The Indian Association Of Frederick, Inc. BYLAWS


For official purposes, the headquarters of the association shall be located in County of Frederick, MD, where it is duly registered.


Section I: The executive committee shall meet at least four times between the annual meetings. The quorum for the executive committee meeting shall be a simple majority.

Section II: The president shall preside over all meetings. The vice president, in the absence of the president, or the secretary in the absence of the president and the vice president shall preside over such meetings.

Section III: The secretary shall prepare the proceedings of the meetings of the executive committee and keep minutes of the meeting. The secretary shall keep minutes of annual general body meeting, which shall be communicated, to all voting members as defined in Article III and Section II of the constitution.

Section IV: Each person in the executive committee shall have one vote, except the president.

Section V: The president shall vote only if there is a tie in the voting.

Section VI: In the event decisions are made based on telephone or personal discussions with members of the executive committee, such decisions and opinions of the members should be properly documented. The documentation should be saved along with the minutes of the meetings.

Section VII: The president shall conduct at the beginning of the term a review of the constitution and by laws with the executive committee.


Section I: The executive committee is empowered to appoint members to the sub-committee and ad-hoc committees to accomplish such tasks and operations as to realize aims and objectives of the association, to investigate specific problems, and to make recommendations to the executive committee. The committee is also empowered to appoint coordinators for the cultural and ethnic activities.


Section I: The fiscal year of the association shall be the calendar year.

Section II: The executive committee shall be responsible for the finances of the association, until the general body meeting approves audited financial report.

Section III: A financial account in the name of the association shall be maintained in a bank and operated by the treasurer.

Section IV: The auditor shall review the accounts of the association and certify, with his/her comments, not later than the first month of the following year.

Section V: The executive committee shall make it available to all its members, the certified financial statements of the preceding fiscal year, during or before the first function.

Section VI: Only the members of the executive committee are empowered to make expenditures on behalf of the association.

Section VII: All expenditures made by any individual or individuals on behalf of the association shall require the approval of the executive committee.

Section VIII:

1. All efforts should be made by the outgoing executive committee to pay all outstanding bills for the current year before handing over the office to the new committee.

2. In the event the outgoing executive committee under conditions beyond their control cannot pay any bills, the new executive committee shall pay these bills provided these bills are individually identified with sufficient funds earmarked for these by the outgoing executive committee.

3. Any reasonable and legitimate late bills that could not be accounted for or identified, as bills to be paid by the outgoing executive committee shall be paid by the new committee provided the amount is less than or equal to $200.00. For bills of amount larger than $200.00, the general body should approve the payment. However, a provisional decision can be made to pay bills larger than $200.00 at the discretion of the executive committee pending approval by the general body.


In case of premature vacancies, the membership will be informed within one week of the vacancy. The ECM should take proper action to fill in the vacancy not before 4 weeks and not later than 5 weeks.


Section I: The president shall be the spokesperson and chief executive of the association. The vice president is to assist the president and perform as the acting president in the absence of the president.

Vice President is also the President Elect for the following year. This helps in maintaining the continuity.

The immediate past president will be a voting member of the ECM.

Section II: The secretary shall keep a full and complete record of all meetings and transactions of the association. The secretary shall be responsible to execute with the help of other members all decisions taken by the executive committee.

The joint secretary shall assist the secretary and perform as the acting secretary in the absence of the secretary.

Section III: The treasurer shall be responsible for the receipt, disbursement, recording, and safekeeping of all funds of the association. The treasurer shall pay all bills, which have been approved in the manner prescribed by the executive committee. He is responsible for submitting the Accounts in the form required by the Auditor for giving necessary approvals.

Section IV: The secretary of youth activities is responsible for conducting activities for children of members, such as but not limited to field trips, camps and visits to cultural events in the area.


Section I: The election of the office bearers and an auditor (as stated in article IV, section II and Section IV of the constitution) shall be held at a suitable time and place as decided by the outgoing executive committee. (See Article V, section I of the constitution).

Section II: The executive committee shall appoint an election officer, who will be ineligible to vote in this instance, from among the members to conduct the election. A 25 % of the membership is considered as minimum quorum for conducting the elections.

Section III: Any member (see Article III, section II for definition of member) can nominate a candidate for election. The nominating member and the candidate shall sign the nominations. In case of a contest, the election shall be conducted by counting supporting hands from among the members present in the meeting. Nominating member and the contesting members can also vote.


Section IV: All candidates shall pay their membership fee in advance of their consideration as a candidate.

Section V: The Election Officer appointed under Section II above, will cause an e-mail to be sent to all current members (on file on the date of such communication) an announcement of vacancies and solicit nominations for the coming year. Elections will be held on the first Saturday of December either on-line or in combination with an Annual General Body Meeting. Results of the elections shall be declared by Dec 25th at the latest if elections have been conducted on-line.


The bylaws of the association may be amended, altered, or repealed by a majority of all the members voting at the annual meeting, provided the procedures mentioned in Article VII of the constitution "Amendments to the Constitution" is followed.